Our Second Dentist Experience – Looking at a Papakura Dentist

Welcome back to our blog, today we will be bringing you our second review of a local dentist. This time we headed to Papakura to search. We stumbled upon a great clinic who had been there for year, our main goal with this visit was to get a teeth whitening. This was the first tooth whitening experience I had, so the main thing I was nervous about was not any pain related issues, but the time. As it can take up to an hour of sitting in the chair with your mouth open to get your teeth whitened. This dentist was found again with the help of www.newzealandoralcaredirectory.co.nz

Before we started the procedure I asked to view both the dentists and the nurses credentials which they were able to produce. They all had graduated from reasonably good universities which made me very comfortable to be in their care. Even though this is not a difficult procedure, its just tooth whitening, but I do this for both my safety and for you, the reader, so you can chose good dentist professionals too.

High quality Papakura Dentist at work

The process was rather painless, I lay back in the chair and they put clamps in to keep my mouth open. As the whitening was 4 sets of 15 minutes they told me to plug in my headphones so I could listen to my favourite music, which I was very glad I did. A machine was then positioned in front of my mouth, close up to my teeth which blasted UV light. Everyone then left me alone on the room, I almost even fell asleep.

Overall I would highly recommend both tooth whitening in general and this Papakura dental clinic who did an excellent job at making me feel at ease and comfortable. I have more confidence to smile now too which is great. It was quite cheap too  at only $50 and I also found that they are a well known local emergency dentist, so its good for you readers to know that there are dentists within your area that you can go to to get emergency work done.

The only issue is that there are certain foods i need to avoid as they can stain my teeth, but after a month I will be back to normal again which I am very much looking forward too. Possibly in a year or two when this wears off I would love to come back again for the same tooth whitening treatment.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this!

Should I stay Local or look abroad? My experience with an Albany, NZ, dentist.

The process to become a dentist is hard and time consuming as we all know. It takes seven or more years in medical school as well as on the job experience and a huge student loan. Hence, it is assumed that it doesn’t really matter which dentist you go to, as “all will be great!” but i’m not sure if this is so true.

I live on the north shore of New Zealand, which is reasonably far from the CBD, but without fail I always venture into the CBD for my dental needs. I just feel that if a dentist can afford to have their office there, that they must be great. Ive had nothing but amazing service from him over the years, but I really didn’t want to have to keep making that journey. So I looked for a local dental clinic.

I stumbled upon a local Albany dental clinic which took my fancy, but before I had my appointment I did some research.


Do they have a up to date practicing license?

This is an important step. If a dentist is lying about his license or his license is expired he may well be doing more harm than good! Also if ACC and insurance find that the dentist you are using does not have an up to dat practicing license, you may well not be covered. This is a crucial step. I called the New Zealand dentist bureau to check up on his background, they were very helpful on the phone and sent me a list of all information for Albany dentists. I was easy able to sort through to find the one that I was looking for and checked out his records. It turns out that everything was up to date and verified so there was nothing to worry about, but if gives piece of mind. The last thing you want when having a dentist visit is to be stressed about the skills of your dentist professional.



Read the reviews! In this modern age reviews are everything. Make sure the dentist who you are considering using has at least 90% positive reviews. As after all, you are going to the dentist, its more than likely that some customers may leave a bad review as it is generally not a very nice experience, or perhaps it could be their competition trying to make them look bad which is very common.

Boy getting oral examination
Boys first visit to a dental clinic in Albany, New Zealand

Now that these checks are cleared, I will finally mention how my experience was. Are Albany dentists trustworthy? Can you just go to the local dentist rather than making a big trip? It turns out, they are! Honestly this dental clinic was just as professional – if not more – than the one in Auckland. Im really grateful for having such professional locals and I’m so happy I did this experiment. If you are looking at changing dentists, just try your local one, I think they will surprise you. Just make sure you do your background research and I’m sure you will be fine and will not regret anything!